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Frequently Asked Questions

It is necessary to have both your New York Medical Marijuana Card and the doctor’s one-year US certification.

To find out what kinds of products each RO has available, get in touch with them. Examples include oral powder, capsules, tablets, vape cartridges, and sprays. Flower cannabis may now be available for purchase.

In New York, the sale of cannabis has been approved for ten Registered Organizations (Ros). There are up to four dispensaries in each RO where you can buy medicinal marijuana. To locate a location, go to www.healthy.ny.gov/mpp and select “Registered Organizations.”

The evaluation process for securing your medical marijuana card in Yonkers entails a fee of $149. It is essential to note that the costs of medical marijuana evaluations can vary across different states. Certain states may impose a registration fee, ranging from $20 to $100, to be a part of their medical marijuana registry and procure the coveted card.

Considering the federal classification of cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug, the majority of health insurance companies, regardless of their geographical location, opt to decline medical cannabis coverage. Until there is a shift in federal law, the prospects of insurance companies extending coverage to medical cannabis products remain slim. However, in various states, legislative efforts are underway to introduce bills that might mandate certain carriers to cover cannabis products.

The extent of utility your medical marijuana card holds in other states hinges on the specific state you intend to visit. Some states embrace reciprocity policies, facilitating cardholders from other states to avail of their privileges. Conversely, certain states may not permit out-of-state medical marijuana cardholders to utilize their cards within their jurisdiction.